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Pregnancy – Week 27 Update

Our baby is the size of lettuce today! Which is super random, because there are like a million kinds of lettuce, but I’m going with a head of romaine. That makes the most sense.

Progress Photos

Weight Gained

About 16 pounds.


Same as the last few weeks.

Symptoms/Body Changes

I have been getting some occasional pain in my lower abdomen that sometimes freaks me out and then it goes away. I have also been insanely tired and basically checked out after 2pm every day. And my nausea is coming back a little bit – I definitely have to eat first thing in the morning. I am also just feeling kind of overall gross. I am finding that I don’t tolerate certain foods very well, mainly junk food. I eat something that sounds good in the moment and then feel absolutely terrible after. However, Chris and I did have a little getaway over the weekend where we basically just ate delicious things like this for two days, so maybe I just need to get back to my “normal” eating schedule. 😉


All the time.


Sleep is pretty good right now, except when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom there’s like a 50/50 chance I will fall back asleep or be up for two hours. Who knows. It’s a fun guessing game to play in the middle of the night. I definitely took my pregnancy pillow away with us this weekend though – I didn’t think I could sleep without it, even for one night.


I am so appreciating my husband this week. He took me away about 1.5 hours from our house this weekend for a little getaway and even though it was crazy hot and I had to take a million breaks while we were walking around the cute little town, we had such a good time.

We had a super active day and explored all the shops and good restaurants and then got back to the hotel room, took a bath, and were in bed by 8. Slow us down!

I am also really appreciative of a few fun little gift boxes I got in the mail from Gugu Guru and Amazon. Gugu Guru was super helpful in creating my baby registries, and they were kind enough to send me over some fun things from Native Wilds, Yumi, Tinyhood, and Nucifera to try. Definitely go check them out if you need help with your registry! It was such a fun surprise to get in the mail! Amazon sent me their gift box you get when you create a registry with them, and it included so many fun and useful items.

I am missing just feeling like myself. I had some not-so-fun symptoms this week, and even though I love it, it totally feels like my body isn’t my own anymore (which it isn’t right now!). I am also missing not worrying so much. I had my glucose tolerance test last week (along with a wonderful prenatal checkup) and am anxiously waiting the results.

Baby Items/Nursery

We got our last large piece of furniture for the nursery this week – the dresser/changing topper! My dad and Chris put it together on Friday night, and it looks wonderful in the room. I am so excited to start washing all the little baby clothes we got so far this week and put them in their spots in the drawers. 🙂

It is SO hard to be patient and wait until after our shower to just go crazy with buying baby items. Any time I see something in the store I really have to refrain from just buying it myself.

Looking Forward To

Hopefully a slow week. Like I said, I haven’t been feeling the best lately and am just craving a super slow week where I have plenty of time to relax and get a bunch of random things done around the house that have been on my mind.

Next On To-Do List

  1. Work on a new savings plan for baby/us/upcoming trips/big purchases we want to make.

  2. Along the same note as item number one, we are getting ready to set up a college fund for our baby which sounds absolutely INSANE to me right now, but I know will come in handy a few years into the future!

  3. Make some progress on finalizing my maternity leave from work/my plan for a few months after the baby is born.

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