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Pregnancy – Week 38 Update

After a much-needed break for about six weeks, I am excited to be back re-capping week 38 of my pregnancy! I took a break, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep this up after the birth of our son any day now. I was just having some feelings (and honestly still kind of am) that I might not like our life so out in the spotlight, but I am starting to think that the pros outweigh the cons. This may change over time, but for now I want to keep documenting this very special time in my life.

As of Monday, I was 38 weeks pregnant and our little guy was the size of a winter melon according to my app. I have absolutely no idea what a winter melon is, but my midwife said at my appointment on Monday morning that she thinks our baby is measuring a little small at a bit under six pounds. I’m not going to lie – it makes me a little bit more confident knowing I won’t have to push out a huge baby!

Chris was able to come with me to my appointment on Monday, which was so nice, because I don’t think he has been able to come to one since our ultrasound at 19 weeks. It was fun to see him get so excited to hear the heartbeat, since it has just become routine for me with the close together frequency of my doctor visits nowadays. Everything else was looking good with our little guy (size, heart rate, movement patterns, and position) and with me (weight gain so far, blood pressure, and pregnancy symptoms I am experiencing that hopefully mean labor is near), so my midwife stressed that it’s just a waiting game at this point and I need to be patient. Easier said than done….

Here is what I am looking like right now, and I feel like my belly is just getting bigger by the day!

Overall, I really cannot complain about how I am feeling, but I sure want to. I know that the current symptoms I have are completely normal and very mild in the grand scheme of things, but I am still so crazy uncomfortable that I get dramatic and think I feel more awful than I actually do. To be completely honest, it feels like my stomach couldn’t possibly stretch any larger, every time I walk it feels like the baby’s head is pressing against my pelvis and is going to fall out (and it’s even worse right when I stand up), I am insanely tired yet bored and want to do things that I can’t, I get up every hour to pee in the night, and I really, really want a glass of wine. Yet I am still so enamored with our little guy and get a huge smile on my face every time I feel (and see!) him move around and know the days of that are numbered now. I’m not sure I fully believe that we are going to have our son here any day now and joke with Chris that it won’t seem real to me until he is actually out. As much as I have loved carrying this little guy for the last 10ish months, I am so freaking pumped to not be pregnant any more.

I am proud to say that I am still working out pretty consistently! I go to strength training classes at the gym about three times a week and do pregnancy YouTube videos at home on my own another two times each week. I also walk for about an hour every day, split up between the morning and the evening. Even though it is tough for me to get moving sometimes, I always feel better once I am doing it. I am absolutely not at the intensity that I used to be, but I am still happy that I am doing more than I thought I would be at this point. I hope to keep it up as long as my midwife says it is okay or until I go into labor.

My eating on the other hand…..haha. I’m just kidding – kind of. By nature I am a pretty healthy eater and keep a fairly balanced diet, but I would be a straight up liar if I told you that Chris and I didn’t have dessert every single night now. It started out when I was having pretty bad heartburn at night a couple of weeks ago (thankfully that doesn’t happen any more) and found that mint chocolate chip Halo Top helped that not to happen. And from there, our habit was formed. Now we are big fans of eating dinner at 5:30pm, going for a walk around 6:30, having our dessert at 7:30, and bed by 8:30 (for me at least). Slow. Me. Down.

During these last couple of weeks (or days!), Chris and I are really just enjoying being with each other and appreciating being a couple before we become a little family. We have snuck in some fun date nights and are definitely working through some of our favorite shows on Netflix. We know so much is about to change, but we are both SO excited and ready that it’s hard to be patient and not wish the time away! It’s tough to be patient when I was super over-prepared and had everything done like, two weeks ago, so there’s really not much to do now except sit and wait. I am officially on maternity leave from work, our nursery is completely finished, our house is deep cleaned, hospital bags are packed, the car seat is installed, meals are prepped, I am keeping up on laundry and dishes and daily cleaning, and I am making sure to wash my hair on a regular basis so I’m ready to go to the hospital at any time. 😉 Can you tell I’m just a little excited?

Hopefully I will not be back next week to write a week 39 recap and will instead be telling you that our little boy is here, as long as he’s ready that is…. 🙂

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