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Pregnancy – Week 6 Update

Written on February 5, 2018

Today I am checking in still very newly pregnant, but already feeling beyond exhausted. It’s pretty crazy to think that this little “sweet pea” sized baby can take up so much of my energy (I am using The Bump website and app to track my pregnancy, so that’s where all the food comparisons you will hear are coming from)! And by the way, this is not me complaining – I am over the moon excited. Just letting you know that I can barely keep my eyes open lately.

If you missed our announcement post, you can check it out here. 🙂

In an effort to remember as many details about this season of my life as possible, I plan to post one of these recaps each week. I know that when I first found out I was pregnant I immediately looked to my favorite bloggers to read about their experiences at the same weeks of pregnancy as me, and they have been so helpful so far. I hope that my experience can help women down the road, too!

Progress Photos

Although it’s obviously too early for me to be showing, I feel so, so bloated. I also haven’t seen my doctor yet, so I am wary to do any sort of abdominal exercises, so my whole core just feels soft. I’m sure 30 or so weeks from now I will look back at those two sentences and just laugh and laugh. I’m not the biggest fan of weighing myself, so I am waiting until my first appointment with my doctor on Thursday to figure out what my “starting weight” is.


Overall, I’m not feeling too terrible. Like I mentioned above, I am tired beyond belief, but that is pretty easily combated by taking a nap each afternoon and getting at least 9 hours of sleep each night. I seem to have more energy on the days I get a good workout in, too. Just getting up and moving around seems to help a lot.

There have been a couple of mornings where I have woke up super nauseous, but luckily it passes after a while. As long as I keep food in my stomach at all times I seem to be okay.

Other random things that I am feeling are:

  1. Extremely sore breasts

  2. Headaches, that are starting to be less frequent than they were

  3. Intense sensitivity to any kind of smell, whether good or bad

  4. Little bursts of excited anxiety when I think about actually announcing to people that I am pregnant (right now only our parents and a couple other people know)

  5. Gratitude – when I remember that I’ve got a little guy inside of me, I get the biggest smile on my face and feel so thankful that this is really happening for us


The only real “aversions” I have are to raw vegetables. The idea of a salad sounds like just about the worst thing ever to me right now. I have never liked the smell of meat while it’s cooking (especially bacon and sausage), so those are a big no no in our house for the time being, too.

At least so far, I am liking most of my “normal” foods, like protein smoothies or yogurt with fruit and granola for breakfast. My lunches are usually some kind of a homemade soup (this allows me to at least get some veggies in) or a sandwich made with Ezekiel bread. If I am really craving something delicious, I love the vegetarian sandwich from Jimmy John’s. I have tried to fit in as many healthy dinners as I can while I’m still up for cooking, so a normal dinner might be roasted fish, broccoli with a ton of garlic, and sweet potato fries. Although what sounds the best, is just carbs, carbs, carbs.

To keep nausea at bay, my go-to foods have been saltine crackers, popcorn, toast, and La Croix sparkling water. Here’s a picture of when I felt so nauseous all of a sudden so I sat down on our kitchen floor to quickly eat some saltines, and our fat cat Bella thought she needed some, too…..

Products Used

My super sweet friend Clare gave me a pregnancy box full of a bunch of things that have been so useful to me so far. And the fake wine made me feel less sad about how much I already miss wine…. 😉

Including a few things she gave me that I have been obsessed with, plus a few other things, here are the products that have been really helping me out in my pregnancy so far:

  1. The Whole 9 MonthsWhen you first get pregnant, you will learn a bunch about what you can’t eat, but it was hard for me to find what I was supposed to be eating, until I was gifted this book. It has given me so many great recipe ideas and was obviously made with pregnant women and their cravings/aversions in mind.

  2. Preggie Pop Drops: After reading about these candies on quite a few other blogs, I had them in my Amazon cart ready to buy them, but my friend beat me to it and included them in my box. The first time I used one I was driving and started to feel really intense nausea, and within like 30 seconds of putting one in my mouth, the nausea was gone completely. I don’t know what it is about these sour drops, but they are like magic for me.

  3. Blanquil weighted blanket: Chris got me this blanket that I had been wanting for a while as a “congrats you’re pregnant gift,” and I am obsessed with it. I lay under it every time I am on the couch and the weight of it really does comfort me and help any anxiety that I might be feeling. It also helps me nap like a baby. 😉

  4. Stash ginger lemon tea: Chris went out on a limb here and ordered me this 100 tea bag set, and luckily I loved it. The ginger calms my stomach, and tea has been such a great substitute for me since coffee sounds gross.

Fitness Routine

The only thing I have really changed in the way of workouts so far is that I have stopped going to my favorite Saturday morning hot yoga classes. 🙁 I have also been taking it easy in my barre, spin, and other yoga classes, simply because I am pretty wary to do too much until I talk to my doctor. I know it’s probably safe for me to continue on as “mostly” normal, but I just want to hear her weigh in on it before I do so. Right now, a normal week of workouts looks like this for me:

  1. Monday: 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes full body toning

  2. Tuesday: 60 minute barre class

  3. Wednesday: 45 minute spin class

  4. Thursday: 60 minute yoga class

  5. Friday: same as Monday, or a rest day

  6. Saturday: cardio + whatever else I feel like doing at the gym

  7. Sunday: a long walk outside, or a rest day


I am so excited to be a mom that I can hardly stand it. I have been longing to be pregnant for just about as long as I can remember, and I am so beyond grateful that I get to do this with the love of my life and that so far everything is going smoothly. We have such a supportive group of family and friends, stable jobs, and love where we live. I really feel so blessed at this point in my life and find myself counting my blessings often.

Pregnancy has taught me a lot so far, but mostly to surrender to my body. In the past, I have struggled a lot with this, and being pregnant allows me to just give in to my body and trust it to do what is right for this little bud growing inside of me. I love it so much.

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