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Pregnancy – Week 9 Update

Written on February 26, 2018

Week nine has been a rough time…I’m not going to lie, haha. I feel like all of my pregnancy symptoms are heightened, plus some, but it is so odd not to care. I am actually happy when I feel nauseous or my skin breaks out or when I can’t get through a day without napping, because everybody has been telling me that those are good signs that our baby is growing strong and healthy. I know that not having symptoms does not mean something is wrong, but it is reassuring to me to feel those things at this point. And now our little guy is the size of a cherry. 🙂 That actually seems like a legit size to me, even though I know it’s still crazy tiny.

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Progress Photos

Although you really can’t see a difference from last week, I feel so crazy bloated that I can’t even explain it. It makes me think that I have a bump, but I totally don’t yet haha. In the morning my stomach is flat as a board, but by the end of the day it looks like there could possibly be something there??


Like I mentioned earlier, I am feeling pretty darn crappy right now. Although I am super nauseous just about all day every day, I at least know how to somewhat control it now, so that is helping a bit. I have learned that I cannot get even one bit hungry or I will be sick, and I definitely feel the worst when I wake up from a nap for some reason. It doesn’t really make sense to me, because it isn’t that bad in the mornings, but who knows. If anybody has an explanation for this, please let me know!

My exhaustion is also hopefully at its’ peak – I am not sure how I could get any more tired than I am right now, although I’m sure I will be once the baby is actually born. 😉 I have also been dealing with some stomachaches, headaches, breakouts, and bloating. Fun, fun!


So this category has totally flipped around on me from what I wrote about last week. Last week I talked about how I can only eat vegetables if they are well cooked and mixed in with something else, and now I am actually fine with raw veggies as long as they aren’t super water-based (like tomatoes or cucumbers – yuck). I roasted brussels sprouts with garlic one night last week for Chris and I and got so sick from it, so now I am off garlic which used to be one of my favorite flavors ever.

My current favorites that I am eating over and over again and making sure are always stocked in our house are:

  1. Any and all fruit, but especially strawberries

  2. Frozen watermelon blended with lemonade

  3. La Croix with a ton of lemon juice

  4. Cinnamon rolls (I only had these once, but the craving was intense!)

  5. Protein shakes – so thankful that these still sound good to me, since it is a great way to sneak some spinach into my diet (I use Orgain protein)

  6. Lipton noodle soup with saltine crackers

I have been trying to eat at home as much as possible and cook for Chris and I, but it’s been tough. We have been going out to eat more than ever and have been ordering our fair share of takeout, too. But these days, when something sounds good to me I allow myself to have it since it is so rare!

Products Used

I mentioned last week that my skin was breaking out quite a bit, so I took a trip to Lush and got a bunch of new products that I am really hoping will make a difference in my skin – Angel’s on Bare Skin cleanser, Cosmetic Lad moisturizer, and Mask of Magnaminty face mask. I will report back next week if they have actually helped or not! I also got a bath bomb and a massage bar…. 🙂

Chris also ordered me the Snoogle pillow I have heard so many good things about from Amazon. I haven’t used it yet, but I am excited to see if it will keep me more still in the night and improve the quality of my sleep. I was very used to sleeping on my stomach before the pregnancy, so it has certainly been a transition for me to try to sleep mostly on my left side.

Fitness Routine

Nothing has really changed here from last week. Take a look at last week’s post if you want to see where I’m at with this category.


We had our first ultrasound! And oh boy, what an experience. Chris was able to take the afternoon off work to come with me, and I am so glad he was there. I thought I was going to get very emotional, but I somehow didn’t. It was more of a surreal moment. It all happened so quickly! One second I was sitting down on the table, and the next second there was gel on my stomach and I could see our baby on the monitor next to my head. Our tech had such a good picture of our little buddy and it was so easy to pick out its’ head, arms, and legs. We could also see the heart beating (169 bpm!) and the blood flowing from me to the baby through the umbilical cord – that was the most fascinating part for me.

To be honest, I was nervous going into the ultrasound. I just so badly wanted everything to be fine, and I am so thankful that it was. I had such a wave of relief wash over me as soon as we saw that little heartbeat and immediately felt like I could breathe again. That was the moment that it really started to feel real for me, too. I have found myself talking to it way more than before and placing my hand on my belly without even thinking about it. It is amazing how much you can love someone you haven’t even met yet. <3

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