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Pregnancy – Weeks 30 & 31 Update

At 30 weeks our baby was the size of a zucchini, except never in my life have I seen a zucchini even close to that long.

And now at 31 weeks our baby is the size of asparagus! Something I have been eating a ton of lately….

It is becoming increasingly crazier to me that we are so, so close to meeting our little boy (I can now say that with confidence after our gender reveal at my baby shower over the weekend! But more on that below….). Really, it is anywhere from one to two months away. I cannot understand how time has gone by so fast.

Progress Pictures

30 Weeks

31 Weeks


My workouts are still holding pretty consistent. Strength training and walking still feel the best to me. I have been phasing out my yoga classes a little bit since they are becoming a bit too intense for me, but I have been substituting it with some prenatal yoga videos on Youtube. A typical week for me involves 4-5 hour long strength training classes and a 30-60 minute walk just about every day. My goal is to keep moving as much as possible all throughout this pregnancy, and so far I am pretty darn proud with how I am doing.

Symptoms/Body Changes

I am so tired. I want to do absolutely nothing after 2pm. I also just feel enormous and am pretty darn tired of gaining weight, even though I know it’s part of this process. It’s becoming harder to get comfortable all day long and at night when I am trying to sleep, but overall I am still feeling pretty good. I have been spending a lot of time at home on the couch, which it seems like our cats are loving, too.


Our little guy moves around ALL of the time, and I mostly feel his body on my left side and his kicks on my right side. I am pretty sure that he has been facing head down for a couple of weeks now, since I feel daily kicks up in my ribs and lots of pressure down low. Also, I am beginning to feel his body parts more if that makes sense. It’s definitely either his head or his butt sticking into my side as I see part of my stomach rise up for a few seconds and then fall. I can also see his foot or hand as he pushes it into my other side. So cool, even if it doesn’t always feel the best!


I still sleep really good and for long amounts of time, but it is just harder to fall asleep than it was before I was so big.


30 Weeks

This week I appreciate naps, and I am missing sleeping through the night without waking up to go to the bathroom.

31 Weeks

This week I am so insanely appreciative for my mother and the amazing baby shower she threw for us. I cannot even put into words how special that day was. I am not a big fan of a lot of attention on me, and she did such a wonderful job at giving me a special day without it being too overwhelming. The decorations were adorable, and we finally got to officially announce that we are having a boy!

I loved getting to spend some time with my girlfriends, and Chris came at the end to open gifts with me. Our family and friends were so generous and gave us so much of what we need for the beginning of our baby’s life. We definitely still have quite a few things we need to buy, but we are really looking forward to going shopping for all of that together.

And yes – Chris went all out with his “dad” outfit. He was very proud of it. 😉

There isn’t too much I miss this week. The excitement about our little guy is too strong to think about anything else!

Baby Items/Nursery

Now that we have had our baby shower, this category is about to go into overdrive! We were so blessed by our friends and family to receive so many gifts for our little boy. However, we still have a lot of shopping to do for him which we are SO excited to do. We were really holding off on buying as many things as we possibly could, and I cannot wait to go crazy at some baby stores over the next few weeks. I am also so deep into nesting mode with cleaning all of our new things and having them all set up for our little bud.

Looking Forward To

Our family vacation this upcoming week! We are renting a house on a lake in northern Michigan, and I am so excited for this last trip away before we have a child of our own.

Next On To-Do List

  1. Make some decisions on how/what colors we want to decorate the nursery.

  2. Maybe, possibly think about and decide on a name??

  3. Relax on our vacation before we go into preparation overdrive once we get home. 🙂

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