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Random Thoughts of the Week

Hello! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I feel like I haven’t really had the time to sit down and write. And to be honest, I haven’t really felt like it either. I feel like I’m in a season of life where every day is pretty similar to the last, leaving not too many new things to discuss/consider.

So today I wanted to just talk about all of the random, big and little things that are going on lately:

  1. Working out has been fun for me again lately. Between trying out Pure Barre a few times last week, going to Syphus this week, starting to do private reformer Pilates sessions with my mom and Clare, my usual yoga and barre classes, and the workouts I do at home and at the gym, I finally feel like I’m back into a groove with exercising. Having the little gym in our basement has made a world of difference for me actually wanting to get up before work and get 20-30 minutes in. I have really enjoyed the variety I have been giving myself and am actually a bit inspired to keep up the morning workouts right now! We’ll see how long this lasts, but I am sure enjoying it for the time being.

  1. We’re actually getting somewhere with wedding planning! Just recently I had my first dress fitting, decided on our reception menu, and made some serious progress on the decorations/extras. Don’t get me wrong – there is still a ton to do in the next two months, but it’s feeling manageable at this point.

  2. Yesterday was a really long day. I got up early to make a 6:30am exercise class, then went straight to my parents’ house to get ready to go to my first dress fitting with my mom and sister, had the fitting, and then worked all day (and had an insanely busy day there). By the time I got home I had a terrible headache and couldn’t fathom doing anything but laying down on the couch. So Chris suggested we order Chinese food for dinner. And I really don’t think I could have been more excited. We have been trying to hard lately to make healthy food choices and to avoid eating out as much as possible (both to save calories and money), but it was such a nice little treat to forget about all of that for a night and just eat delicious takeout food on the floor while watching our shows. It was the perfect way to end the day.

  1. I am really happy that I am back into a reading groove. I go in waves where sometimes I could read all day long and other times I just seem to forget that books exist. It probably has something to do with the gorgeous weather we have been having lately, but I have loved sitting out on the porch both at work and at home just reading for an hour or so. And if I don’t get a morning workout in, I’ve been reading in bed instead of playing on my phone. Such a better way to start off the day.

  2. My job is slowly but surely becoming more enjoyable….. 🙂 I really can’t say all the details yet because nothing is finalized, but it seems like within the next two weeks I’ll have a lot more freedom to do my work on my own time and mostly from home. I’ve certainly had my ups and downs with the place over the last three years that I have been there, but I am excited that I might finally be at a spot that I actually enjoy and that will last for hopefully a very long time. Fingers crossed that things get finalized soon!

  3. Chris and I are getting really excited to go to the San Francisco/Napa area at the beginning of September! He has family there that we will be staying with for the most part, but we are also going to spend a few days by ourselves in the Napa/Sonoma area. His uncle made an awesome itinerary for us, so we basically already have the week planned out and are going to be able to fit in everything we want to do. I can’t wait to get away for a few days so close to the wedding to just relax, have fun, and think about something else for a change.

  4. I cannot wait for fall. The cool nights here lately have really been making me excited for cider mills, pumpkin-everything, football games, sweaters, and all the other wonderful fall items. Fall is for sure my favorite season – hence the reason why we decided to get married in October…. 😉

  5. I have been wanting really badly to go shopping lately for basically a new wardrobe. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m getting married in two months and that makes me feel like an adult and I don’t think I should be wearing clothes from high school (I definitely still have some – they still fit!) or the fact that I really don’t go shopping often and feel like I’m way far away from wearing clothes that are trendy, but I really want to go shopping and just overhaul my closet. The problem is that I despise shopping and get so frustrated after about three minutes that I just want to go home. SO. I need to kidnap one of my friends that has way more style and patience than I do and make her help me out for a day or so.

  6. Podcasts are one of my favorite things lately. I cannot get enough. My current favorites are The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Style Your Mind. Search any of them on iTunes and they will pop right up! I love listening to them while I am working to feel like I am getting way more done at a time than I actually am.

And that’s about it! Well those are certainly no the only random thoughts I’ve had lately, but it’s a start. 😉

Have a great day!

What are your random thoughts lately? Do you like to shop? Any tips for someone who hates it and cannot put an outfit together to save their life?

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