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Shopping, Good Food, and Time at Home

Good morning! I hope that you are reading this post this morning at least somewhat ready to be back to reality today. I know that it was pretty tough for me to come back to work this morning on such a gorgeous day after a wonderful weekend that actually felt longer than usual for once. As of now, I have a fairly simple work-week coming up and some fun, different plans that usual in the evenings that should make the next few days fly by.


Chris and I were both pretty excited for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and wanted to go check it out after work on Friday, but we decided to pop into Bar Louie for a quick happy hour first. I got a glass of rosé, Chris got a beer, and we split some of their boneless buffalo wings. Shopping stresses me out as it is, and it makes the whole process much more enjoyable for me (and Chris) if I’m not hungry and have had a little wine 😉

As it turns out, we had a ton of luck at Nordstrom. I was mainly looking for accessories for the wedding and ended up leaving with shoes, a necklace, and earrings. I do need to try them on with my actual dress to make sure I still like them when the outfit is all put together, but it’s a start! Chris was really looking for anything that was on a good sale and found some sweat pants, so we both left pretty happy.

We kept the rest of the night super easy and made pasta at home for dinner, watched Desperate Housewives on the couch, and fell asleep early.


We had a really busy day ahead of us on Saturday, so we decided to forego our usual morning workouts and just go for a long walk instead after hanging out with the cats for a while. From our house, we went about 2.5 miles through this cute little park/neighborhood nearby. It was nothing crazy, but made me feel better.

When we got back from our walk, Chris made us some delicious protein pancakes with our favorite Kodiak mix from Costco. We have been putting frozen blueberries and banana slices in them lately, too.

Then we got ready and headed out to another mall – two malls in one weekend is unheard of for me. I had plans to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my mom and sisters, and Chris was meeting up with a friend of his for lunch while we shopped. We had so much luck shopping and ordered all three of my sisters’ dresses and even found one for my mom. Then on the way out Jenna spotted a cute, little, white dress that would be perfect for my bridal shower – so we bought that, too! I am so happy that we had a successful day. I got to check so many things off my wedding to-do list.

After that, Chris and I headed downtown Detroit to meet his dad for happy hour (at a cool bar called Townhouse) before meeting up with a few friends of ours for dinner at an even cooler restaurant called Gold Cash Gold. I started out with a cocktail called the “Caroline” that had gin, dry vermouth, grapefruit sherbet, and some other fancy stuff. It was delicious. Then I got their sea bass that came with butter-roasted brussels sprouts and some yummy sauce. On the side of my dinner I had a glass of champagne, too. 🙂


Sunday was such a nice day. I started the day with a different hot yoga class than usual. I absolutely loved the teacher and the flows she took us all through. She spoke so eloquently about the practice and had a ton of insightful things to say. I was so sad to hear at the end of the hour that she only has two classes left to teach!

Once we got home from the gym, I did not leave the house the rest of the day and it was wonderful. We made lunch, Chris went to the grocery store while I picked up the house, we meal prepped and cleaned the house, and then basically just laid on the couch and watched Desperate Housewives and caught up on random computer stuff for the rest of the afternoon. I had one of these delicious new Bai drinks that Chris picked up from Costco for us – go get them. They’re wonderful. And ignore my coffee in a Christmas mug.

Eventually I got up and roasted us some salmon, broccoli with a ton of garlic, and baby redskin potatoes with a parmesan garlic crust. I also made a batch of m&m cookies, since we caved and bought a Costco-sized bag of m&m’s and need stuff to do with a bunch of them.

THEN it was time for Game of Thrones 😀 We have been looking forward to this season for like, a year now. And it certainly did not disappoint.


We are getting to the point in wedding planning where there are just a couple of big things left to take care of and then from there, it’s just ironing out all the little details. Which I know will be fun, but also probably the most stressful part for me. Hopefully tonight we will be able to decide on the rest of the bridesmaid dresses and then should be done with shopping for a while!

The rest of the week will be full of a lot of family time, some good workouts (last week was not so good in the exercise department), and probably watching many more episodes of Desperate Housewives (we are obsessed right now).

Have a wonderful Monday!

What did you do this weekend? Have any fun plans for the week ahead? Do you watch Game of Thrones?!

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