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Sleep Training – Day 10

Nap 1 (43 minutes)

Put in crib at 8:59 (1h, 29m since waking up)

Had to go help him at 9:05 because his arm was caught in the crib slat

Fell asleep at 9:12

Woke up at 9:55 but was happy in crib, so left in there 30 minutes but never fell back asleep

Nap 2 (38 minutes)

Put in crib at 11:44 (1h, 34m since last nap – adjusted)

Went in to soothe at 12:00 and fell asleep right away

Woke up fussing at 12:38

Was hysterical after 10 minutes of crying so just got him up

Nap 3 (44 minutes)

Put in crib at 2:10 (1h, 32m since last nap)

Didn’t start crying, but whined right away

Went in to soothe once, fell asleep at 2:30 & woke up at 3:14

Nap 4 (35 minutes)

This nap was at my parent’s house, so I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I put him in the pack and play at 4:47 and went to soothe at 4:52 & 4:52. They be fussed/cried on and off until he fell asleep at 5:20. My mom was in there soothing him a lot though.


Put in crib at 7:42

Cried/fussed on and off

Soothed at 7:52 & again at 8:00 because he was super worked up (and obviously over tired)

Fell asleep at 8:03

Ate at 10:50, 1:15, and 4:20

Put paci back at 6:30am & woke up for the day at 7:20am

Total cry time: 60 minutes

Total awake (happy) time: 8 hours, 38 minutes

Total sleep time: 14 hours, 22 minutes (broken for feedings)

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