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Sleep Training – Day 11

Nap 1 (32 minutes)

Put in crib at 8:52 (1h, 32m since waking up)

Just played in crib for a while and fell asleep at 9:10

Woke up at 9:42 and was just playing in crib and fussing on and off

Left him for 30 minutes, but didn’t fall back asleep so got him out at 10:12

Nap 2 (1 hour, 37 minutes)

Put in crib at 11:28 (1h, 31m since last nap – adjusted)

Fell asleep right away with no crying or fussing at 11:32 and woke up at 1:09!

Nap 3 (36 minutes)

Put in crib at 2:48 (1h, 39m since last nap)

Fell asleep right away at 2:52!

Woke up at 3:28

Nap 4 (33 minutes)

Put in crib at 5:01 (1h, 33m since last nap)

Cried/fussed on and off, soothed 3x, and soothed to sleep at 5:25 (this nap is always super rough and just wanted to get him to nap for a little bit)

Woke up at 5:58


Put in crib at 7:11 (1h, 13m since last nap – he was REALLY tired)

Went in to soothe at 7:21

Fell asleep at 7:24

Fed at 11pm, 1:20am, and 4:00am

Put paci back a couple times between 6 and 7 am

Woke up for the day at 8:05am

Total cry time: 35 minutes

Total awake (happy) time: 7 hours, 56 minutes

Total sleep time: 15 hours, 29 minutes (broken for feedings)

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