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Sleep Training – Day 12

Nap 1 (1 hour, 12 minutes)

My mom gave him this nap so I don’t know the details, but she put him down a little after 10am (2h since waking up for the day) and he woke up at 11:12.

Nap 2 (55 minutes)

Put in crib at 12:44 (1h, 32m since last nap)

Rolled around and played until 1:04 and then fell asleep

Woke up at 1:49 and started whining/lightly crying

Went in to soothe at 2:01 and fell back asleep at 2:05 and woke up again at 2:09 and got him back to sleep at 2:12

Woke up again at 2:18 and just let him be up

Nap 3 (42 minutes)

Put in crib at 3:54 (1h, 36m since last nap)

Started crying lightly right away

Went in to soothe at 4:04 and again at 4:10 because he was hysterical and fell right asleep

Woke up at 4:46


Put in crib at 6:52 (2h, 6m since last nap)

Started crying pretty quick, soothed & fell asleep at 7:10

Woke up crying at 7:50 and took a few minutes to soothe back to sleep

Ate at 10:45pm, 1:35am, and 4:10am

Put paci back at 5:40am and slept until 7:10am

Total cry time: 45 minutes

Total awake (happy) time: 7 hours, 17 minutes

Total sleep time: 15 hours, 58 minutes (broken for feedings)

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