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Sleep Training – Day 2

*We always do his nap or bedtime routine before putting him in the crib – bath (every other night, only before bed), jammies/lotion/fresh diaper, nursing, books, and songs/a little rocking.

Nap 1 (33 minutes)

10m timer, soothed

10m timer, soothed on own at 6m and was asleep at 8m

Slept for 33m

Set a 5m timer when he started to cry

Was calm for about a minute right at 5m then started screaming again so I went in to soothe, calmed immediately but cried as soon as I left

Set another 5m timer, cried on and off

Nap 2 (40 minutes)

Put in crib at 11:39am and set 10m timer

Soothed and fell asleep at 11:50am (YAY!)

Woke at 12:30pm (40 minute nap)

Nap 3 (38 minutes)

Put in crib at 2:14pm and set 10m timer

Soothed and set a 15m timer

Soothed himself before we needed to go in after 10m (again, YAY!) and fell asleep at 2:35pm

Woke at 3:13pm and set timer to see if he would soothe on his own after crying for a few minutes

No luck – 38 minute nap

Nap 4 (20 minutes)

Put in crib at 4:45pm and set 10m timer (we usually have to set the timer right away because he cries as soon as we leave the room)

Soothed and set another 10m timer

Soothed and set another 10m timer

Wouldn’t calm down so picked up and held for a 20m nap, then tried to put back in the crib but woke up crying right away so just called it over – ugh


*We also started using the Nested Bean swaddle tonight.

Put in crib at 7:02

Set timer for 10m

Never needed to soothe, was asleep in 6 minutes. What?!

Slept until about 10:40pm when Chris gave him a bottle

Slept AGAIN until about 3:00am when I nursed him

Then again until 5:30am when I nursed him

Woke up for the day at 7:20am!


Total cry time: 88 minutes

Total awake (happy) time: 7 hours, 57 minutes

Total sleep time: 14 hours, 35 minutes (broken for feedings)

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