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Sleep Training – Day 8

Nap 1 (39 minutes)

Put in crib at 8:49 (1h, 34m since waking up)

Never cried, just rolled around and played and fell asleep at 9:00!

Woke up at 9:39 fussing/lightly crying

Started really crying so went in to soothe at 9:50

Went in again to soothe at 10:00

Wouldn’t go back to sleep so got up at 10:10

Nap 2 (32 minutes)

Put in crib at 11:24 (1h, 30m since last nap – adjusted)

Fussed on and off until 11:44 when he fell asleep

Woke up at 12:16

Nap 3 (37 minutes)

Put in crib at 2:13 (1h, 57 minutes since last nap)

Went in to soothe at 2:23

Fell asleep at 2:26

Woke up at 3:03

Tried to see if he would go back to sleep but was hysterical at 3:12 so got him up

Nap 4 (38 minutes)

Put in crib at 4:33 (1h, 30m since last nap)

Went in to soothe at 4:44 – wasn’t crying that hard but was stuck in the side of the crib

Went in again at 4:53, 5:03, & 5:08

Fell asleep at 5:13

Woke up at 5:51


Put in crib at 7:21

Fell asleep at 7:30

Fed at 10:05, 1:40, and 4:05

Put paci back in at 5:35 and 7:05

Woke up at 7:30!

Total cry time: 1 hour, 25 minutes

Total awake (happy) time: 8 hours, 9 minutes

Total sleep time: 14 hours, 26 minutes (broken for feedings)

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