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Sunshine & Grocery Shopping

Hi! Today I am actually really sad this weekend is over, but I’m strangely excited for this week and the start of the Tone It Up Bikini Series. I’ve talked about it before so I won’t reiterate myself, but it’s essentially 8 weeks of healthy eating coupled with accompanying workouts to prep for summer. To be honest, I’ve been feeling pretty sluggish lately, so an easy reset like this is something I desperately need/want. My friend Sarah and I are doing it together, and I spent most of my Sunday grocery shopping and prepping meals for Chris and I for the week (because by default, he’s doing it, too).

But jumping back to the start of the weekend…..

On Friday after work I met up with two of my girlfriends for happy hour (getting it out of my system now….but I actually don’t think wanting to go to happy hour will ever be out of my system) and then headed to my parents house to hang out with my sister Olivia for the night while they went to a wedding. We kept it super low-key and got Panera for dinner, took the dog outside for a while, played games, and watched a movie (ie. I fell asleep at 9:30pm while she watched a movie).

I woke up on Saturday morning in the worst mood ever. I did not want to go to the gym, but Chris did a phenomenal job at reminding me that I always feel a million times better after a workout, so we headed out. I took a hot yoga class that was just what I needed. The teacher (whom I love) really mixed it up from what he normally does, which was great, because I totally got out of my thoughts because of how concentrated I was on the physical movements of the practice.

After sitting in the steam room for a little bit and showering, we headed to Costco to get some bulk grocery shopping done for the next week or so – tons of fruit and veggies mainly. We had a super lazy afternoon laying around the house, catching up on Shameless and Desperate Housewives (our two current favorite shows), cleaning, and doing some laundry. Around dinnertime we decided to head up to a nearby bar/restaurant that we have driven by a thousand times, but for some reason never tried. It surprised us in the best way! We loved it and would definitely go back there soon – especially when it’s a bit warmer out and their huge patio opens up.

After dinner, we went to Kroger to do a bit more grocery shopping for the week – more produce and some other random things that are way cheaper to get there instead of at Whole Foods 😉

Sunday was an absolutely lovely day. Sitting down to type all this out on Sunday night, I am feeling so grateful for the things and people I have in my life right now. I’m learning some hard lessons about certain people that I need to let go of and others that I need to pour more into, but overall, I feel so blessed (ugh, I hate that word but I do have to use it in this instance) with where I’m at right now.

ANYWAYYYY, Sunday was great. Slept in a little, got a good workout in, volunteered at church and got to see my sweet girls, and met up with my friend Sarah at Whole Foods to prep for the Bikini Series. We got the salad bar and some rosé to have while we talked and caught up.

Then we got a bunch of grocery shopping done – really all the fancier, organic things that I can’t get at Kroger and only need to stock up on once in a while. But to be honest, I could walk around that store all day and buy just about everything in it and be happy as a clam. Maybe one day when (if) I win the lottery.

I came home to the BEST SURPRISE. Chris and I have been talking about getting patio chairs for the back porch for a while now, and he totally surprised me and went to Costco and bought some for us while I was gone!! I was so, so happy. Obviously.

So for the rest of the afternoon we laid out on the chairs and read and talked and drank Costco prosecco and it was just perfect. He’s a good one.

Again, I could have laid out there all day, but had to go be an adult and get some stuff done. We cleaned out the garage and I feel super lame saying this, but it makes me so happy to have a clean garage and space to put everything without squishing it all together. Then while Chris grilled dinner (wings) for us and shrimp for the week, I got to work meal prepping breakfasts, lunches, snacks, veggies, and literally anything/everything I could.

One of the cool things about the Tone It Up meal plan/Bikini Series is that they make grocery shopping and meal prepping a breeze by coming out with a different list/schedule each week to follow and modify as you wish. I love getting as much as possible done on Sunday so I can chill out the rest of the week and not have to think so much about what/when we are going to eat. It’s a huge relief and takes a lot of stress and rushing away from me.

And then Sunday night ended in my absolute favorite way – laying on the couch, watching our favorite shows, and going to bed early. I may only be 25, but I think I am going to make a fantastic elderly person. And I’m not mad about it one bit.

Like I said earlier, this weekend really made me smile a whole lot and made me realize even more than I already do how lucky I am to have the amazing boyfriend, family, and best friends that I do.

I hope you all have the best Monday!

What was your favorite part about your weekend?

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