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Thanksgiving Weekend!

Hey! How was your long weekend? As I’m sure it is for you, too, it’s even harder than usual to be back at work on this Monday morning. We had a fantastic Thanksgiving, filled with a ton of food (obviously), lots of time with both of our families, and still plenty of time to spend at home relaxing and getting a few things done around the house.

On Thursday we woke up extra early to head downtown Detroit to have breakfast with my family and watch my youngest sister Olivia dance with her studio in the parade. We do this every year, but every year I forget how cold we get waiting out there on the street for hours. It sounds terrible, but it’s actually quite fun haha.

After the parade we had time to go home and warm up/take a nap for a little while before leaving for Chris’s parents’ house to have dinner with his family.

On Friday morning we got in a good workout at the gym together, braved Costco on Black Friday (surprisingly, it was the least busy we had seen it in a really long time), and then made a quick stop at Lowe’s to pick up some molding we needed to (*hopefully*) finish up our guest bedroom remodel. It has really just turned into quite the never-ending project, but it seems like the end is finally in sight.

Later in the afternoon we headed out to my aunt’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving with my side of the family for the rest of the night. They live in basically my dream home out in the middle of nowhere, so I always love driving the 45 minutes or so to visit. Chris also made us a rather intense Rummikub tournament board that we used to play our favorite game with everyone for a while after dinner.

It was so nice to wake up on Saturday morning and for it to basically be the start of the weekend, even though we had already had two days off work. We started out the day like usual with a hot yoga class for me that was even tougher than usual and a cardio session for Chris. Then we picked up Olivia to take her to her recent favorite, Mod Pizza. Chris had never been and Olivia had been begging to go, so it worked out perfectly.

If you guys have one of these in your area, you should go as soon as you can. It’s basically like a Subway or Chipotle for pizza, and it is absolutely delicious. You get so much good quality food for a really good price, and we are lucky that the closest one to us is out of the way from any direction we usually go, so we can’t go every day 😉 I am boring and get basically the same thing every time – a regular cheese pizza with garlic, tomatoes, onion, green pepper, and balsamic glaze -, but Chris could probably go multiple times a week and make a different concoction each time.

Then we went home to do more house work…….. We are just over it at this point. We also put up our Christmas tree and decorations! I love Christmas-time and everything that comes along with it, but it doesn’t really feel real to me until there is snow on the ground. If it were up to me, it would snow every night during the month of December and we would curl up under my heated blanket on the couch with hot chocolate, watch a Christmas movie, and see the lit tree in the corner. Not much in this life sounds better to me than that.

Later at night my sister Jenna and her boyfriend came over to play some board games with us, eat a bunch of cookies, and drink more hot chocolate. I’ve been craving it like crazy lately and had it more this weekend than I think I’ve had in the last two years combined.

Sunday was a lazy day if I’ve ever had one. The day started out with a church service and then volunteering with the kids like usual, but then we went home to watch the final FIVE episodes of The Sinner. We basically did not move from the couch all afternoon, but we literally couldn’t stop. Have you watched this show?! Like what. On. Earth. I don’t even know what to say. I can’t get over it. I am going to be thinking about that ending for a long time.

When we finally peeled ourselves away from the TV, I heated up some leftover lasagna for us for dinner, went to the grocery store to stock up for the week, and went to my friend Katie’s house for a while. When I got home, Chris and I obviously watched the new episode of Shameless before calling it a night to hopefully not be overly sluggish for work today. It was a great long weekend that I am missing already!


Now that I can say it is officially Christmas-season, I know that also means the start to probably the busiest month of the whole year. I love thinking up Christmas gifts that our family and friends will love, and I enjoy figuring our gifts for Chris even more. I love doing “Christmas activities,” like ice skating downtown, going to see the lights, and wrapping gifts while listening to Christmas music. And I really love getting things all wrapped up at work for two full weeks off at the end of the month.

This week is going to be full of work, getting back in a good exercise regimen, cooking new recipes from a cookbook we ordered off of Amazon, hopefully getting a bunch of our wedding pictures printed, and another fun upcoming weekend we have planned.

Have a great day and week ahead!

How was your Thanksgiving? 

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