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The Day Everything Changed

**This post was written on January 21, 2018.

Today I woke up anxious. I knew that the next few minutes of my life would either change it forever or would cause me immense disappointment, and I feel so blessed to be able to say that Chris and I are expecting a baby at the beginning of October! It still feels surreal to say.

We are both so insanely excited, yet have no idea what we are doing. I have pretty much stopped googling things already, since it seems that everything I search has an answer on both completely opposite ends of the spectrum, which is frustrating and confusing. So far I have just stuck to reading pregnancy recaps from bloggers that I trust and have followed for years. I also ordered The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy off of Amazon to give me some insight into all of this until my first doctor’s appointment on February 8.

I don’t really have too much to say on the topic, but I’ll tell you what I know at this very early stage:

  1. I technically found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks and 6 days. So we’ll just say 4 weeks for sanity’s sake. 😉

  2. We conceived on our third month of trying to have a baby.

  3. I was feeling “off” on the few days before I got a positive test (which was on the exact day I was expected to get my period and didn’t), but had gotten two negative tests just two and four days before the positive one. Deep down I think I knew that I was pregnant, but didn’t believe it until I saw that word appear on the test. By “off” I mean that I have been crazy tired, my stomach feels constantly bloated, and I am hungry, but nothing really sounds good to eat.

  4. Once I stopped taking birth control at the end of October, I basically stopped drinking except for a few days here and there.

  5. Chris is convinced that our cats know there is a little buddy in my stomach. They have been ultra cuddly with me, and Bella (our big grey one) has switched her position she lays on me to be her head on my stomach instead of my shoulder like she usually does.

  6. I have what feels like a million questions, ranging from products I can and cannot use, if I can go to my hair appointment in two weeks, which cheeses I have to stop eating, and just about every other little random thing in between.

  7. As soon as we found out this morning, we took a bunch of pictures – of us, of me, of the tests, everything. I want to remember as much of this as vividly as possible. At least right now I do. 😉 Here’s our we are so excited/anxious faces that we don’t really know how to handle ourselves right now.

  1. I took four pregnancy tests over the next couple of days after we found out, because I just wanted to be sure. Even though I already was sure? Pregnancy is weird, haha. Chris will be happy that I’m not spending a ridiculous amount of our money on tests anymore….

  1. The day after we found out Chris sweetly came home with some of my favorite treats and left them in the cupboard as a surprise for me. I love him.

It just so happened that we already have plans with my parents this Friday night and Chris’s parents the following Saturday night, so we are planning on telling them then – for obvious reasons, this is news we want to share in person! We are also planning on telling our siblings and a few close friends, but will wait to share with most people until I am further along. I’ll tell you though – it’s only been half a day and I’m already anxious to just tell the world. I volunteered at church this morning with my mom and sister, and it was really difficult to keep my mouth shut!


And now this part was written today!

So you can see why I’ve been so quiet for the last month or so! This has really been all I have wanted to talk/write about and I didn’t feel ready until now, so I just decided to be quiet instead. Today I am 16 weeks pregnant and feeling almost entirely back to normal, save for my little wannabe baby bump. 🙂

I (obviously) wrote this post months ago and have plenty more like it that I will be posting over the coming weeks. I have actually written a recap post each week from six weeks on, and I plan on sharing them all soon, because that early time was what I really wanted to read about a few months ago. I was wary to share the news before now, but wanted to have this time in my life documented as detailed as possible. Plus – it has really helped me to read other women’s honest accounts of pregnancy week-by-week, so I hope that I can provide my story to women that are curious about other people’s journeys like I am.

I am so thankful for this little baby growing inside of me, for my husband, for my health, and for all the supportive people we have in our life. If pregnancy/babies aren’t something you are interested in for one reason or another, please just skip over these posts, and if pregnancy is a sensitive topic for you, my heart is with you. I promise I’ll still talk about non-baby related stuff, too!

Anyway, like I said, there is going to be an overflow of baby stuff over the next couple of weeks while I catch up on all the posts I have been writing since January, but once we’re caught up it won’t be as often. 🙂

Thank you SO much for reading our journey – I am so excited to see it unfold through October and beyond. <3

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