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Tuesday Eating Recap – Tone It Up Bikini Series

Good morning 🙂

After I had a few people reach out to me last week after this recap of my day of eating on the Tone It Up Bikini Series, I thought I would post one more. Sometimes I feel out of place writing recap posts of what my daily meals/workouts looked like, but then I remember that those are typically some of my favorite type of posts to read from others. So please let me know what you think of posts like these! I do enjoy writing them once in a while, even if just to make myself more aware of what I am putting into my body and if it makes me feel good or bad. I am not a big fan of tracking my food or macros or calories or anything like that, but it is helpful to understand which foods my body responds well to and which ones it does not.


I was absolutely exhausted when I woke up yesterday morning (probably because my friend Clare and I and our boyfriends went for a late-night 8 mile bike ride around Detroit the night before), so I decided to lay in bed and read for a while before work instead of getting up to do a short workout tape like I had planned. When I finally rolled out of bed I made my lemon detox drink to have while I prepped my stuff for the work day and my breakfast.

For M1 I made a protein pancake. Super simple – you mash 1/2 banana with 1/2 tbsp almond milk, then mix in a scoop of protein powder, 1/4 cup egg whites, and a few shakes of cinnamon. Then just make it like a pancake! I am terrible about flipping pancakes, so it ended up like more of a pancake scramble, but that’s okay. It still tasted good. I topped mine with peanut butter and some fresh berries.

My mid-morning snack was a blueberry chia muffin that I prepped on Sunday. They are really good, but I just do not like a lingering taste of protein powder (which these have). I don’t think it has anything to do with the recipe, but the fact that I don’t love the brand of protein we last bought (we were trying out a new one). They’re still good though and super filling. It kept me full for hours, which is super rare for me.

One of my best friends is in town for a few days, so she picked up lunch from Panera and brought it to me at work so we could eat and catch up for a while. I was feeling boring, so I got a you-pick-two with chicken noodle soup, garden salad with balsamic dressing, and a side of bread. It was super simple, but really good. I love Panera. I just wish they weren’t getting more and more expensive by the day (it seems like). I do love that it seems like they add new menu items every couple of months, so there is always something new to try.

After lunch I had some chopped up veggies (cucumber, carrots, and red peppers) with hummus for a mid-afternoon snack before I headed to the gym to take a barre class with my mom and sister.

I’ve really been loving this class lately and am so grateful that my mom likes it, too! It’s such a fun, different activity for us to do together each week. Overall the class is pretty low-impact, but it is a solid hour of movement and I always leave feeling a little bit shaky and super sweaty. I also really like how the class is continuous – there are some parts where you are breathing super heavy and instead of taking a break after them, you just walk it out or do a few stretches to the music. After sitting at my desk all day, it feels great to just move for 60 minutes.

I came home to such a sweet surprise! I’ve been stealing Chris’s yoga mat for class lately since I like his way more than I like my own, and he went and bought me my own! It’s super similar to his, but a little smaller and purple. He also got me a strap to carry it with, and by total coincidence my friend had gifted me with a yoga block earlier in the day. I got more yoga gear today than I have in my entire life.

Dinner came together really quickly due to having the brussels sprouts and garlic already chopped up and marinated and the salmon seasoned and ready to cook in the pan. We also had some leftover spinach orzo pasta from the other night, and I added some additional marinara sauce on top. We have been buying these knock-off La Croix waters from Costco, and I love the lemon ones. When I’m not drinking, it’s a somewhat good substitute 😉

After dinner Chris made me some of my favorite berry “sorbet” with frozen berries, coconut water, and lemon juice. I really actually like this “dessert” and would eat it every night, even if I wasn’t necessarily trying to eat well that day. It’s so simple to make and can really be made with any frozen fruit and type of juice or flavored water you have in your refrigerator. If I have it on hand, I do like to add in pomegranate juice, because it adds in some tart-ness that I love. I just substitute with more lemon when I don’t have it.

It wasn’t an overly exciting day in the way of food, but everything was good and it was a nice reminder in the middle of the week that eating well and not drinking makes me feel really good. I think it’s really important to have the balance between the days where you eat delicious pizza and drink champagne and just play and the days where you eat clean and workout well and go to bed early. I’m not a big in-between person – I like things all or nothing. So the mixture of both kind of days makes me happy and tends to keep things fresh.

What was the best thing you ate yesterday?

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