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Wednesday’s Meals

Hi! Is it just me or is this week absolutely flying by? That seems to happen less frequently lately, so I’ll certainly take it when it comes around. I really love to read posts about other people’s daily eats, so I’m going to share mine today! Yesterday was pretty boring during the day and then got a little more exciting around dinnertime, and honestly it was a totally random day of eating and not super representative of a typical day for me.


I made a big mistake and worked out at the gym before work and didn’t think to pack anything to eat for breakfast once I got to the office. All I had there was a small plum and a bag of sun chips, so I ate both of those (breakfast of champions) along with some ginger tea. That filled me up for approximately 13 minutes, so I spent a good chuck of the morning trying to convince myself that I didn’t need to eat my lunch at 10:30am.


Finally around 11:30am I caved and put together my salad stuff for lunch. I had a big container of chopped up lettuce and vegetables and added some cheddar cheese, Costco croutons, and olive oil/red wine vinegar to it. I also had a lemon sparkling water on the side.

I ate at my desk while working, since I really wanted to get out of the office early yesterday to run some errands and take care of a few things at home. And I obviously didn’t plan the food I was bringing to work very well, so I knew that I was going to be hungry again soon.


I was a snacking machine yesterday. Chris and I are going on vacation on Saturday, so we have been trying to eat what we have in our house and not buy excess groceries this week, leaving me with little to no food options. So throughout the afternoon I had:

  1. A cheese roll-up. A total college favorite of mine. Just a small flour tortilla with Mexican cheese and Sriracha.

  2. Cucumber slices and homemade Ranch

  3. Wheat thins and cheddar cheese slices

Then when Chris got home from work we opened up a bottle of sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé. A random combination of wines, but it was so delicious and came in the prettiest bottle ever! We even pulled out the good champagne classes 😉


I was so excited for our dinner last night! We had been planning on having a taco night for a while and already had most of the ingredients we needed at our house, so grocery shopping was super simple this week.

First I made some crockpot salsa chicken. It is the easiest thing ever. All you do is put two chicken breasts in a crockpot with a packet of taco seasoning and 1/2 jar of salsa for 4 hours on low. Sometimes I go in there at about 3 hours and shred up the chicken a little bit with a fork to allow it to soak up some more of the salsa, but it’s definitely not necessary. When it’s all done cooking you just shred it with a fork, put it in a bowl, and you’re good to go!

Then I made some Mexican rice with a can of diced tomatoes and a bunch of spices. While the rice was cooking, I put together the taco tray of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, chicken, and chips. I am obsessed with this spinning tray that my mom got me for Christmas – it is so perfect to use for tacos, but it can really be used for anything.

And yes, we usually eat dinner at the coffee table in the living room while watching Netflix. We so badly want to be the type of people that set the kitchen table and eat a nice meal while talking about our days, but we just aren’t right now haha.


After whining for a long time about feeling like I absolutely needed ice cream (such a weird craving for me, since I don’t even like sweets that much and dairy makes me sick) and Chris saying he would happily go to the store to get it, I decided I was being ridiculous and settled on having a popsicle instead. Chris bought us a huge variety pack from Costco not too long ago that we are going through at an alarming rate….


So there you have it! A kind of weird, but honest day about what I eat. Some days I am super good about packing healthy meals and snacks for work, and other days (like yesterday) I just kind of wing it. I think it’s all about balance and just making sure that you feed your body what makes it feel good and don’t deprive yourself of something if you really want it.

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