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Weekend Recap :)

I had such a big goal this weekend to take pictures. I said to myself on Friday morning that I was going to actually pull out Chris’s nice camera and document everything we did. And we actually did more this weekend than we have in a long time, so I would have had a lot of material to work with! But instead, I completely forgot and only took one sad little picture at the movies. Maybe next time 😉

Anyway, hi! How are you? I am just wonderful today. We had one of the best weekends we have had in a very long time. It was actually weirdly “warm” in Michigan over the last couple of days, so I especially enjoyed stepping outside without immediately shivering.

On Friday night we got dressed like real people and actually left our house – amazing. We went to see The Commuter and got a ridiculously cheap ticket ($6) for both of us to sit in one of their new “love seats,” which are essentially just little couches with ottomans in the front of the theater. I mean, they were pretty close to the screen, but since you could lay back on the couch it wasn’t too bad. And you can’t beat that price! The movie was really entertaining, and I actually stayed awake the entire time which is pretty rare.

After the movie we got even more wild and went to our dinner reservation at one of our favorite restaurants, J. Baldwin’s, at 7:30 PM. We are usually getting ready for bed then, so this was crazy for us. We have loved this place for a really long time and have never had anything short of a fantastic experience when we go there. This time was no different, and we had the best time talking, sipping on drinks, eating calamari, and enjoying our meals (some kind of chicken/potato/kale and brussel chip/sauce dish for me and a fancy fish that I don’t remember what it’s called for him) together. And then we went back to our old ways and fell asleep almost immediately upon getting home haha.

Typically we reserve Saturdays for lounging around the house, but we had a pretty full day planned this time. We started the day out with workouts at the gym and then stopped at Costco to pick up a few very random things we “needed.” Do we ever really need any of the things we get at Costco? Most, no, but they make our lives infinitely easier and happier. So in my eyes, that’s worth it.

After that we met some friends for lunch and then met different friends for a game of bowling. I take bowling 0% seriously, and Chris takes it 1,000,000% seriously, so that’s fun. 😉 Just kidding. We had a great time with our friends and their baby, and it was fun to do something different for a change. The rest of our night was really low-key with making dinner at home and watching some more Lost (shocker – we are now on the last season!). We have also been loving Costco’s halo top ice cream (they finally had the peanut butter cup flavor), so of course we had some of that, too.

Sunday was the same as always, with church, volunteering, and then a whole bunch of nothing. We did go to Target and wander around there for a while, somehow only leaving with some Valentine’s Day candy. Not sure how that was possible, but I’ll take it.


Since the beginning of the month I have been talking more about books than I ever did before. I’m not going to bore you with the details again, but if you want to know why, check out this post and you’ll find links to deeper explanations.

To be completely honest, I did not think about anything I have been reading or writing about since last Monday. I was actually reading a book that my grandma gave me over the holidays (Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg), and I just got completely lost in the story. It was such a nice change of pace to read an actual story, rather than one that makes me think. Although I love those books, it is so necessary to just get out of my head once in a while.

I related so deeply to the story that I almost couldn’t stand it. In the most simple way possible, it was about a woman who is an author who is in a rut, not just in writing, but in her life. Over the course of the book, her relationship with her daughter grows, her romantic relationship blossoms, her work life becomes something again, and she finds out a beautiful secret that she takes advantage of, even though she was scared to at first. I loved every word of that book and would recommend it to just about anyone!

But this week I want to get back to thinking about the concepts of Braving the Wilderness. Since I basically ignored what I wanted to think about last week, I’m bringing it to this week instead:

“Commit to assessing your life and forming opinions of people based on actual, in-person experiences.”

And you know what? Now that I typed that out again, I changed my mind. I did better at that last week than I thought I would. I am not one who is very good at making plans, for a multitude of reasons, but last week I was as intentional as I could be about spending real time with those people who I love and who make me a better person. And I feel like although I didn’t notice how it was affecting me at the time, I can see now how happy I was last week and can absolutely pinpoint the people who helped me to achieve that.

So I still want to carry those tendencies over into those week though. Like I have said before, it is so easy for me to shut myself away with my books and be happy as can be. And while that is all good, I have had this craving lately for real, human connection. Not the fake kind where you talk about the weather, but that deep stuff with trustworthy friends that almost lights a flame inside of you. That’s the stuff I love and want more of. And I want to take more pictures. 🙂

Have a great Monday!

Are you more prone to staying in or going out? What did you do this weekend?

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