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Weekend Recap #10

Hello! How was your weekend? I’m not sure I could have asked for a better one. I was going to call out some highlights but then realized that could take up the whole post, so I’m just going to get right into the recap (:


Originally our plans for Friday were to go find a new happy hour spot, but when we got the call that our new dishwasher was going to be delivered between 4 – 6 pm, that idea was shot. Instead, Chris went to a local market to get us some wine, cheese, and other snacks to have our own happy hour at home. It turned out fantastic. He made a tray of bagel chips, asiago cheese dip, bruschetta, three different cheeses, chocolate, grapes, and a few other things. I had a few glasses of rosé, and he had some bourbon. We also had our sweet neighbor over to join us and ended up playing Rummikub with her for an embarrassing three-ish hours? And we were in bed by 9:45. Wild (;


Saturday was so crazy productive, but really slow. I love that kind of day. I went to a hot vinyasa class first thing in the morning and sweated my butt off. It was such an intense, yet calming class – just what I needed. After that, I went home and did my favorite hair mask from Lush, cleaned the house while it was setting, did my EkfoliKate facial exfoliator, and then took a super long shower and got ready for the day. I made my grocery list, did all my shopping, unpacked, and chopped up fruit and veggies for the upcoming week. It felt so good to get that over with on Saturday and not have to think about it anymore! Then I did a little blog work and prepped for the Tone It Up Bikini Series Challenge with my friend Sarah (starts on April 24th – you should do it!).

Around 5pm, one of my good friends dropped off her two-year-old daughter for me to babysit for a few hours while she went out to dinner with her husband. We had such a fun night, doing an Easter egg hunt, heading up to a nearby outdoor mall to play on the outdoor play area, eating dinner on a patio at the mall, and heading back to her house to play more until her parents got home.

When I got home from babysitting, my dad and Chris were working hard to install my new dishwasher. And they were so cute that I had to snap a picture (they are going to be mad at me for this). I know I am more than capable of washing dishes by hand, but I am SO thankful to have a working dishwasher again.

I knew I would be no help with that so I stayed out of the way, had some delicious macaroons my friend made me as a thank-you for babysitting, and worked on writing out some recipes on my cute little cards.


Sunday was a lovely, lovely day. I loved everything about it. I wonder how many times I can say love in a row? Anyway, it began with a good workout before I headed to church to volunteer with the kids. By the time I got home around noon it was already 65 degrees out, and Chris had brunch waiting for me (: Banana protein pancakes with strawberries and peanut butter and a French 75. How did I get so lucky?

After we ate, we packed up our stuff to go for a bike ride to buy new door knobs and to stop at our favorite wine bar on our way back home. The weather in Michigan was unbelievable and perfect to be outside doing just about anything. I always forget how much I love to ride my bike until I do it. Although I do enjoy it much more when I am riding to go somewhere and not just aimlessly. Chris tried to get some decent pictures while we were out, and this was the best we got – me laughing, holding onto my portable glass of prosecco, and riding (in his words) “at a child’s pace.”

Sometimes I wish I could be more adventurous at my favorite places, but why fix something that isn’t broken? Our favorite thing to get at Cellar 59 is the cheese plate with three different kinds and a side of pesto. It is delicious. I got a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and he got a Pinot Noir.

I truly could have sat out there all day long people watching in the sun with delicious snacks and wine. Eventually we decided it was time to ride back home and hang out around the house and grill wings for dinner. And here’s our attempt at an artsy picture:

Thought for the Week

“What you focus on multiplies.”

I know that I’ve brought this up on the blog a few times before, but it is something that my mom says to me all the time and that really sticks with me. It’s sometimes (always) difficult to remember in the moment, but if you take a step back and think about it, it’s so true. When we are putting all of our energy into “proving” that we are in the midst of a negative situation and people should take pity on us and feel bad for us, it is all we can think about. But when we take the same situation and turn it into something comical with a good friend over a glass of wine, suddenly it becomes not such a big deal and totally manageable. The same thing, just thought about two different ways.

I also hear a lot, “When you think you absolutely have to say something, don’t.” This has come in handy a countless amount of times – especially lately. I will have an irrational thought in my head that something is telling me needs to come out, and instead of blurting something out that is silly and will probably only cause a negative reaction, I breathe for a minute and try my hardest to concentrate on something else and forget about it.

Hope your Monday is as good as it can be (:

Best part of your weekend? What are you looking forward to the most this week?

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