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Weekend Recap #11

Good morning (: I hope that you all had a great weekend and Easter and got to spend a ton of time relaxing with friends and family. We certainly enjoyed the three-day weekend and the gorgeous weather, and I am not too happy about being back at work this morning.


With the extra day off with, we decided to spend it doing as many of our favorite things as possible. We started the morning with a Syphus class, which is a really unique workout that takes place on a turf with just your body weight and a 25 – 45 # plate. It’s 60 minutes long and you work the entire hour at your own pace through a pre-written workout on the wall, and we both left exhausted, but happy that we started off the day with a great workout.

After taking care of a few things around the house, we headed out to go to Target (where I got two really cute pairs of summer shoes and two bathing suits) and to a cute nearby town called Rochester to wander around for a while.

One of the places we stopped at was The Meeting House – a favorite restaurant/bar of ours that is known for their local selections and really interesting cocktails. Their happy hour is fantastic. We split mussels in a white wine/garlic sauce and brussels sprouts with pineapple and cashews and each got a cocktail. I had my favorite sparkling dry rose and he had some kind of fancy cocktail that the bartender made for him with gin, egg whites, grapefruit, and a bunch of other things that I can’t remember.

After that we went to my parents house to have pizza and dye eggs with them and my little sisters. We ended up being there for a while, just hanging out and playing games.


There is not much I love in this world more than a good thunderstorm. Add that to the ability to sleep in on a weekend and breakfast in bed watching Shameless, and I am in heaven. Once I finally had some sort of ambition to get out of bed, I headed down to the makeshift gym in the basement for a quick 30-minute workout. After that I went to my salon to get my hair cut and colored, which was very long overdue. I love what she did to my hair. All I told her was that I wanted a little trim, some more layers, and to lighten up my hair, but other than that I told her to be creative. It turned out great!

When I finally got home (four hours later!), Chris and I got ready to go meet friends of ours at their house to hang out for a while and then go get Mexican food for dinner. We ended up sitting on the patio for a while drinking prosecco in the sun and then got to go sit on an awesome nearby patio while we ate – it was wonderful.


Although it would have been really nice to lay around and catch up on Shameless all day, we had a great Easter with both of our families. The morning started out with a quick workout and then meeting my family for church. Our church had a cute little background set up to take pictures by, but my family doesn’t always have the easiest time getting a good picture of all of us.

After church we went to a nearby restaurant for an amazing brunch. Since we got there early, we took a bunch more pictures outside while we were waiting. Some turned out really cute, and others are terrible yet perfect at the same time.

Brunch was so good. I probably had a little bit of everything – two different kinds of salad, fruit salad, roasted potatoes, chicken, mini lemon poppyseed muffins, and a ton of shrimp cocktail.

Between brunch and heading to Chris’s parents house for dinner we had a little bit of free time, so we stopped at the grocery store to get a few things for the week, cleaned up the house a bit, and even had time to relax and watch an episode of Parks and Rec. Somehow I still had room for dinner after our huge meal earlier in the day, and it was just as delicious. We are lucky that we had extremely minimal cooking to do for ourselves this entire weekend.

Thought for the Week

All too many times I think that if only I could take something back I did or said or go back and take advantage of an opportunity I missed that things would be “better.” However, deep down I know that it’s not possible and just not worth worrying about something that is in the past and can’t be changed. On the other hand, sometimes it is even harder to realize that this moment, right now is the beginning of something new. Every moment we have is an opportunity to begin again and cultivate an entirely new outcome for the course of our life. It’s really an exciting thought when you view it that way. That this moment right now will never come again – that the choices we make today can either bring us closer to or further away from what we want.

So this week I want to keep that in mind. That every moment is new and that it gives me the chance to either change things or for things to remain as they always have been. Although we usually have no idea what the ending will be, it’s a really cool thing that we get to choose the steps we take to get to whatever it is.


I am really looking forward to the fact that I don’t have too much going on this week. I love that the weather is finally full-on spring and that it’s so close to my sisters being home for the summer. Have the best Monday and rest of the week (:

How did you celebrate Easter? 

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