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Weekend Recap #3

I swear – every single weekend goes by terrifyingly faster than the one before. How is that possible? I’m over it. I’m ready for some new law where weeks are Monday – Wednesday and the weekends are Thursday – Sunday. Who knows – maybe this would make people way more productive and also way happier and more relaxed. If I were president……

Anyway, this was another phenomenal weekend. Mostly due to the fact that on Saturday and Sunday it was SIXTY-EIGHT degrees in Michigan. In February. That has to be some kind of record. The cats were very, very happy that the windows and doors were open. I’m pretty sure they get 99% of their entertainment from the wind blowing on their faces and watching the birds on the back porch.

On Friday night, Chris and I went to dinner at my parents house for my mom’s stuffed shells and to play some Rummikub. I feel like this is becoming a regular Friday occurrence, and I’m not mad about it at all.

Saturday morning started out with a hot yoga class, and although it was the same class/teacher I went to last week, it seemed totally different (which I loved). The class was wonderful and I came home to some protein pancakes with berries. Again, I feel like this is becoming a Saturday morning tradition, but I love routines so this works out just great for me.

After a wonderful morning, we had to start getting ready for a wedding for a friend of mine. I swear – they are so lucky that they probably got one of the most beautiful days of the whole entire year (IN FEBRUARY) for their wedding day.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful (I cried, of course) and then we had like, four hours to kill before the reception started. We ended up going to a couple different bars to get a drink and an appetizer at each, but had no luck with any place having their outside seating available. One of our stops was my favorite wine bar, Cellar 59. I got a glass of the Clean Slate Riesling (I don’t like sweet wines, but this is pretty dry and just too good not to love on a warm day) and he got some kind of Chardonnay.

We also got a pesto/bread plate to snack on, and if I’m being totally honest, I could have just ate the pesto with a spoon.

Once we finally made it to the reception, we had a really great evening between talking with friends, the delicious buffet-style dinner, and listening to some very entertaining speeches. It was also a real treat for me to be able to wear a spaghetti-strap dress and summer wedge-sandals in the middle of February!

Sunday was filled with the usual church activities, grocery shopping, cleaning, and meal prepping, but we also made time to eat lunch outside and to go for a nice, long walk to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Lunch was a California Pizza Kitchen frozen barbecue-chicken pizza and a yummy cocktail with prosecco, Tito’s vodka, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, ginger syrup, and some fresh lemon. So good and perfect for a sunny day!

Our walk just took us around some nearby trails, and it was amazing to see how many people were out being active and enjoying the weather.

After our walk, I had one of the best hours of my whole life I think. I sat under my heated blanket from Costco right next to the open door in my living room, while reading Bittersweet (a book my mom gifted me a couple weeks ago), and drinking a glass of prosecco while Chris meal-prepped dinner for us in the kitchen.

First, he made us some homemade macaroni and cheese in our cute little individual pots. I really have no clue how he actually made it, but it was SO darn good. And of course we put sriracha on top.

Our main meal was chicken skewers (marinated in a soy sauce/sriracha/honey/olive oil mixture) and veggie skewers with red pepper, onion, and pineapple. We also made some shrimp to have on salads for lunch throughout the week.

Sunday night ended with some Criminal Minds (surprise, surprise) and setting up my week in my planner.

As much as I love weekends like this one, it really does make starting the work-week that much more difficult for me. I hate the feeling I get come Sunday evening of just dread and sadness due to the fact that it’s already almost another Monday morning. I’m really working on trying to see the beauty in my job and the gratefulness I should feel for it, but I’m having a really tough time with that lately. There’s a handful of things I’m really looking forward to this week though, including a couple of yoga classes with friends, some more beautiful upcoming weather, and not too many plans made so far. I’m hoping this is just a relaxing, easy, and reflective next couple of days.

Thought for the Week

This has always been one of my favorite quotes. I struggle the most with gracefully letting go of things that aren’t meant for me. Typically when I’m in a situation that is uncomfortable, I get defensive, emotional, and angry. I try to get out of it as quickly as I possibly can without stopping to think about what it could be teaching me and how I can take steps toward changing my circumstances. This week I want to try to breathe through the difficult moments and remember that just because something isn’t meant for me, doesn’t mean I need to treat that person or situation disrespectfully. I can work on not being judgmental and understanding that different things are meant for different people, and sometimes it just takes longer to figure out what those things are for some of us.

Did you have beautiful weather this weekend, too?

Any good quotes to consider for this week? I would love to hear them!

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