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Weekend Recap #5

Good morning. 🙂

The last couple days were really, really great – filled with a lot of family time, getting a few big things done around the house, and a lot of random errands. As always, it went by way too quickly, and I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I wanted to. One of my main goals in the next week or two is to really start using my good camera my parents got me for a study abroad trip to Italy when I was in college. Chris used to be a photographer and loves taking pictures (and is very good at it!), so it would be silly of me to not bring it out and use it for this blog.


Friday was a super “adult” night – actually when I think about it, the entire weekend was. We went to our new gym (we decided to switch our membership over to a gym that has more to offer than our current one did) for a late-afternoon workout and then stopped at Menchie’s, a local frozen yogurt place, after. I know….totally canceling out our trip to the gym, but sometimes I’m convinced I workout so I can eat. Then we stopped at Lowe’s to look at a few things we’ve been needing for some home improvement projects. Lowe’s is like a new Target for me. It’s scary how much time I could spend in there looking at anything and everything.

Once we got home, I wanted to do a little brainstorming work for this website and a few other ideas I have in the works. So we had some bourbon, made some Costco pizza rolls (you can tell we are health nuts), and chilled out for the night.

Saturday morning I actually ran for my morning workout. No clue why that sounded like a good idea, but it sure did at the time. Then I had an appointment to get my eyebrows done before we met up with my sister and her boyfriend to go fowling. This might be just a Michigan thing, but if they have an location by you, you should totally go! It’s essentially just bowling pins set up across from each other and involves two teams of two players each taking turns throwing a football across to try to knock their 10 pins down before the other team. It’s really fun, and I’m embarrassed to say how sore I am the day after.

After that we went to a cute nearby town called Ferndale for dinner at a newer restaurant called Pop’s for Italian. We’ve been wanting to try it for a while, and it certainly did not disappoint! We decided to do what we usually do and split a bunch of things.

We started out with a couple of wine flights – one red and one white – to see which of their house wines we liked the best.

The restaurant has a bunch of different options of “side breads,” and we chose the ammoglio option. I’m not really sure how to describe this, but I would say it’s kind of like a bruschetta topping but more garlicky and better? A super professional explanation.

Next we had a chopped side salad which was filled with so many different things and had the best vinaigrette on it that I’ve had in a long time. At least in my opinion, real Italian restaurants would make so much money if they bottled up their dressing fresh each day and sold it. I would always have some in my house.

For our main meal we got two entrees: a margherita pizza, which was probably the closest to real Italian pizza I’ve had other than actually in Italy, and “spicy bucatini pasta,” which was like a spicy marinara with chile peppers. So. Good. And some more of the “keg wine” that we liked the best.

That picture was off of Chris’s instagram and is not very flattering, but it’s all I have. And you deserve to see how good that pizza looked (because we definitely finished off the whole thing). This was such a good restaurant and if you somehow ever make it to Ferndale, Michigan, you should definitely go.

We finished off the evening with wandering around a record store and getting a few new ones for our player at home.

Sunday was the usual – church, Costco, cleaning, errands, and family dinner. But we also got to go see one of my good friends, her husband, and their sweet newborn baby girl, so that was fun!

Thought for the Week

This has been a big one on my mind lately, and I feel like it’s a great theme for the week. I’m starting to notice how important it is to just do something if it feels right. There will never be perfect timing for something, and the longer we wait, the more risk we take at never having the opportunity to see it through. It’s so hard to actually do though and so easy to say. Change is really scary and typically it’s better for me to just stay complacent, but I keep hearing the message lately of following your heart, forgetting what could go wrong, and realizing that something way better is probably waiting in store when we let go of things that aren’t serving us any longer.

I feel like every time I’m thinking about something strongly like this, it is the message in church. And sure enough, want to guess what the message was about this week? Change. And movement. And listening when you feel like you are supposed to do something different than you currently are. And understanding that if you aren’t happy in your circumstances, YOU CAN CHANGE THEM. So, this week I’m going to focus on moving forward and letting myself believe that there are better things in store for me that I can’t see right now, but I will when I finally decide to make that decision and move on from a couple of really negative things in my life right now. Exciting!

Best part of your weekend? Something you changed lately that was scary and turned out great?

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