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Weekend Recap #6

Hi guys! I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with time with people you love and lots of relaxing.

My weekend started out somewhat early due to working off-site in Ann Arbor for the day. I sat myself down at a Starbucks and got way more done than I ever typically do when I am sitting in the office. Chris was there too (working with a client), so we were able to meet up for lunch at a cute little brewery with great sandwiches. I got a veggie/hummus wrap and sweet potato fries.

After some more working in the afternoon, we went on a walk to find a good happy hour and to make our 5pm dinner reservation. We stumbled across this little Italian restaurant that had an absolutely delicious signature cocktail on their happy hour menu. I can’t remember exactly what was in it, but I think it was prosecco, campari, rosemary, lemon and something else.

For dinner we went to Sava’s – an eclectic American-style restaurant with off the charts people watching. But it’s right in the middle of one of the biggest college towns in America, so what do you expect. We’ve been here quite a few times and have had nothing but great experiences. This time we started out with a few cocktails off of their rotating drink menu.

Between the two of us we tried a few drinks over the course of the night, and my favorite was definitely the “Bubblevardier.” Ever since we went to Kentucky last summer I have loved bourbon, and who doesn’t love champagne?! Next we had some bang bang shrimp. We have had these before, but they are so good that we had to get them again. They come on top of these little brown rice/quinoa cakes that are just delicious. However, I absolutely despise cilantro, so I picked all of that stuff off right after I took the picture. (;

For our main meal, I got a honey-sriracha chicken sandwich that was unreal. I never, ever get fried chicken and it’s super rare that I choose a sandwich for dinner, but it just sounded so good that I couldn’t pass it up. And it was totally worth it. Chris got some fancy mac and cheese and a lobster BLT that he said was amazing.

After dinner we went on another walk to a nearby theater for my sister’s dance show with my whole family – it was super fun. We got home pretty late and went straight to sleep.

On Saturday morning I went to a hot yoga class at our new gym. And it was really great! I loved the instructor. For some reason I tend to like male instructors more than female (no clue why this is??), and he did a great job at making you think about your poses, get out of your head, push yourself, and let go at the same time. And he played great music throughout the hour which I really appreciate. (I have been LOVING the new Ed Sheeran CD lately that he played a few songs from – please download it if you haven’t heard it yet.) After class I sat in the steam room for a few minutes before I showered to go meet my friend at Starbucks so we could catch up, have some coffee, and get our respective work done (she is a teacher).

Later on Saturday we went to go see Get Out – WOW. Have you seen this movie?! It literally had me on the edge of my seat almost the entire movie. I said quite a few choice words and jumped at a couple of points, and I do not think the dad next to me appreciated that. I thought it was SO GOOD and something that everybody should go see. After the movie we got a quick dinner and called it an early night.

Can you guess what Sunday consisted of? I’ll give you a hint. It was the usual church, cleaning, grocery shopping, meal prepping, and working out. However, we also made time to stop at a local place called Rita’s for some frozen ice on our way home after our workout. I got the Jolly Rancher watermelon flavor mixed with key lime – delicious.

Sunday night involved dinner, catching up on TV shows (started watching Westworld and I’m still not really sure what I think about it?), and doing a few things around the house. I got some cute salt and pepper grinders that I wanted pink himalayan salt for (for no other reason than I thought it was pretty) and am very happy with how they look on my kitchen table.

So there you have it! To be honest, I’m really not looking forward to this week, and that’s probably due to the fact that we are going on vacation on Friday and I am not a patient waiter. However, I am very much looking forward to The Bachelor finale tonight with my friends.

Thought for the Week

This is something that I have struggled with for my entire life. I spend so much time trying to get to a comfortable place and then as soon as I get there, it seems like it’s time to move forward in one way or another. Sometimes it’s a simple change and other times it seems like a complete overhaul of my life. Right now I am really focusing on pushing myself out of my comfort zone and reminding myself that nothing is ever permanent. There is always room for growth and it is so, so cliche and I hate myself a little bit for saying it, but the only thing that is certain in life is that nothing is certain. I’m not so naive as to believe that my life will always be as it is right now, but I do hope that I will always keep trying to improve it and grow stronger in the process. This week my goal is to remember that change is good and when something keeps coming to your mind over and over, it is for a reason and should probably be acted upon.

What was the best part of your weekend? Did anyone see Get Out? What did you think?

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