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What. A. Weekend.

I do not think I have ever said this in my life, but I am so glad the weekend is over. From start to finish it was just jam-packed, and although I had a great time, I feel such a sense of relief sitting at my quiet desk this Monday morning, eating strawberries and drinking green tea. I also already managed to get up and go to the gym this morning, so I am feeling much more accomplished than I typically do at the start of the week.


My annual work party/meeting/fundraiser took place on Saturday, so Friday was a total prep day. I spent the entire day running around to different stores, setting up the decorations, getting the silent auction ready, entertaining out-of-town guests, and doing any other little thing that needed to be done to make Saturday flow as smoothly as possible.

It was a long day, but I got a ton done and felt pretty confident with where I was at leaving on Friday night. I had zero ambition to do anything except sit on the couch for the rest of the evening, so Chris and I made some pasta and did just that.


Saturday was nuts. And I knew it was going to be nuts, so I made sure to get myself out of bed to go to my usual hot yoga class in the morning so I could at least start my day out on a somewhat sane note. It was such a tough class, but it was just what I needed.

After class, I got ready at home really quick, ate some pancakes, and headed off to the site of the party to do a little more set-up. After a couple hours of that, I went back home to get ready, grab Chris, buy more wine, and get to the party right around the start time at 3:00pm.

The rest of the day after that was really a blur. It was comprised of talking to a ton of people I haven’t seen in a while, socializing with my friends and family that came, running the silent auction, dealing with people’s money/donations, and trying to find some time to eat, have some wine, and actually hang out with Chris. It was a nice day and the party ran great, but I cannot emphasize how happy I am that it is over and that I don’t have to think about it again for another year.

By the time we got home around 10:30pm I was so ready to lay down, but just wasn’t tired yet, so we fit in an episode of Desperate Housewives, drank some tea, and crashed. I obviously didn’t get any pictures of the day, which is a shame, so I hope I find somebody this week that did!


We had good intentions to get up and go to the gym on Sunday morning, but that just didn’t happen. Instead, we slept in a little later than usual and took our time making coffee, eating breakfast, and spending the rest of the morning picking up and cleaning the house and painting the back deck.

Eventually it was time for me to get ready for a surprise baby “sprinkle” I had to attend in the afternoon. Once I was ready, Chris followed me in his car to the store so we could look at some socks and ties for his groomsmen for the wedding before I had to head to the party. We had really good luck with that and found some great choices right away, so I had plenty of time to run next door to Target after and pick up some mimosa supplies and diapers – yes, the cashier definitely judged me a little.

I made it to my friend Katie’s house (the party host) right around 1:30 and got to work helping her set up the food, drinks, and simple little games she had planned. It was a small shower, with only about 12 women, and Hannah (the mom-to-be) was so surprised and grateful! We had a really fun couple of hours celebrating with her, and I loved getting to spend some time with my girlfriends.

I left there around 3:30 and went home to meal prep a bit before heading out again for a birthday dinner/party for my dad! He turned 60 over the weekend and to celebrate we went to a really good local restaurant/feather bowling place. If you’ve never heard of feather bowling, it’s actually really fun. It’s literally just a long lane with a feather at each end and each team takes turn rolling wooden “balls” to try to get them to land as close to the feather as possible without rolling off the board. We had a really good time eating and doing that for a couple of hours together.

Then we ate a delicious cake that my mom baked at home and brought with us, sang Happy Birthday, and headed home to watch GAME OF THRONES!!!

You guys. Game of Thrones was so good last night. Do you watch it? I need to talk about it with somebody. I actually shrieked out loud quite a few times during the episode. I think I love that show an unhealthy amount….


This week should be a good one. I really don’t have too much planned, and Chris and I are heading up north on Thursday for a much-needed long weekend. I am so looking forward to having a much slower weekend than this past one. I go through waves of liking a lot of activity, but I certainly think I am entering a season where I am going to need a lot calmer days for the foreseeable future. It is so crazy to me that this is the last full week of August! This summer flew by. But I am so happy that it is technically almost fall – the best season in my opinion. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful day!

How was your weekend? Any big stuff that you did?

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